If You're Struggling in Motherhood After Infertility, THIS IS FOR YOU!


Come take a seat + let’s chat about it because struggling in motherhood after struggling to conceive is not only okay, but it’s perfectly NORMAL.

In those early days, I felt so guilty whenever I would have a hard day in motherhood + I almost wouldn’t even allow myself to vocalize it because of the comments I’d receive in return.

👉🏽 “You prayed for this!”
👉🏽 “You have your baby now, you should be happy!”
👉🏽 “At least you have a baby. There are still so many people struggling to conceive.”

Yes, I prayed for this. Yes, I am happy. And yes, I know there are people still struggling to conceive but hear me when I say:

👉🏽 Just because I struggled to conceive does NOT mean that I cannot also struggle in motherhood.👈🏽

My infertility did not give me a free pass to an easy motherhood where postpartum depression, anxiety, or rage do not exist.

Motherhood is hard + your path to parenthood does not dictate your parenting experience. If anything, I felt a lot more guilt + shame whenever I DID struggle with motherhood BECAUSE I waited for this for so long.

And if this is something you’re experiencing too, then I want you to know that you’re not alone. Motherhood after infertility is a really messy world where your infertility world is eclipsed by your new world of motherhood + you’re existing in both of these spaces at the same time. They are not independent experiences + it can be really hard to navigate that.

Unfortunately, I feel like there isn’t a whole lot of content out there for mamas after infertility + I’m working to change that in hopes to help you feel less alone.

Now, tell me about an aspect of motherhood that you’re currently struggling with?

I’ll go first- I feel guilty for needing a break because I waited for my babies for a long time + it’s hard to admit that sometimes I need some time for myself.

Your turn!