Three Date Night Ideas to Help You Connect with Your Spouse

Connecting with your spouse during a tough season can be really challenging at times, especially during a tough season like infertility. When you're faced with a difficult season in your marriage, connection with your spouse will take a lot of work and effort. It may not be as easy as it used to be and you may not be able to to do the same things you used to do.

If you've been feeling in a connection rut lately, then let me guide you through three amazing date night ideas that will help you connect with your spouse and, hopefully, get you back to feeling closer than ever before.

3 Date Night Ideas to Help You Connect with Your Spouse:

1) Dinner and Letters.

The idea of this date night is to really connect with your spouse on a whole new, intimate level and a good way to do that would be to make dinner together and write each other a letter. 

Find a dinner system that works for you, but my recommendation would be that you come up with a meal and then go shopping for the ingredients together. Come back home and start cooking together in the kitchen. Set the table and use candles, maybe open a bottle of wine, and talk about things other than work or things that you need to do. 

After dinner is done, it's letter time and really you can do this one of two ways. The first being that you can write each other a letter prior to the date night and then exchange letters after dinner. Or you can sit in the same room and write each other a letter which can be opened a few days later when you're going throughout your normal week. That way the intimacy builds up and lasts for a few days until you read the letter.

The letter can be anything you want it to be- "Things I wish you knew," "Things I love about you," "My favorite memories of you," "My favorite memories of us." 

Pick the same topic and write each other a letter. Not only will it help you improve your connection for your date night, but it's a letter that they'll be able to cherish for years to come. 

2) Dinner and Drive.

This one is simple and very low key. Go to dinner, I encourage you to find a new spot, and then take a long drive so that you can listen to music and just talk.

Sometimes, what really tends to be missing is communication or just having that intentional time to sit down and talk. Going for a long drive after dinner is a great way to intentionally be together with minimal distractions and gives you plenty of opportunities to talk. 

Stuck on what to talk about? Look around and talk about what you see as you drive. Talk about your likes or dislikes about the houses you pass and spark a conversation about your dream home. 

Talk about memories that you have at certain places as you drive by or if you see a new spot- stop and check it out!

The idea here is to try new things and really focus on having intentional time together. Sometimes the car can be the best place for meaningful conversation so after your next dinner out, I encourage you to take the long way home.

3) Dinner and Art.

This one is easy and can be done at your house! Get dinner in any fashion you feel is best- cook together, cook for one another, or order take out. Whatever feels best for you that night. Take dinner outside for a picnic in your yard and after dinner is over, bring out the art supplies.

Whether you have cheap crayons or pristine art supplies, grab what you have and draw what you see. Let it be the sunset, the house next door, or a picture of the two of you. Let each of you create your own piece of art while you sit in your yard and talk through things together. 

It's important to make intimacy a priority, especially when you're going through infertility or parenthood. I hope these ideas give you some encouragement to get that wild spark back into your relationship!


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